Modified Grading Scheme for Condominium Management Courses

COVID-19 has resulted in closures and operational changes for businesses, organizations, and educational institutions across Ontario.

Many of our Limited Licensees and Transitional General Licensees are enrolled in the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario’s (ACMO) condominium management courses that are delivered through post-secondary institutions. Final exams for in-person courses that started in January 2020 have now been cancelled. Instead, final course marks will be determined by evaluations that have been, or are about to be, completed (that is, assignments or quizzes, plus the mid-term exam).

The CMRAO has been receiving inquires about the acceptability of these courses as part of the education requirements for licensing. The CMRAO has been consulted on acceptability of the proposed grading system and supports the decision. The successful completion of these courses would fulfill the educational requirements for licensing.

For any inquiry related to these courses, please contact your post-secondary institution or ACMO.