Expired Licences

The individuals and companies listed below did not renew their licence for the 2018-19 licensing year and do not currently hold an active licence.

Legal Name

Licence Number

Type of licence

Alexis Barrett 0018140268-GL General Licence
Alisha Dharshi 0001649092-LL Limited Licence
Allen Nour 0016963288-GL General Licence
Amber Cheryl Cecchini 0010865533-LL Limited Licence
Anita Udovc 0021863890-LL Limited Licence
Anzhela Gamalevych 0001672343-LL Limited Licence
Atif Zeb 0001842487-LL Limited Licence
Bertha Darlene Evans 0017398917-LL Limited Licence
Brian Robert Drab 0002411287-TGL Transitional General Licence
Caitlin Bonaldo 0002486643-LL Limited Licence
Chang Feng 0017340798-LL Limited Licence
Cheval Developments and Property Management Ltd. 0001217743-CMP Condominium Management Provider Licence
Christian Alexander Campoli 0015509258-LL Limited Licence
Christina Jennifer Plourde 0007287526-TGL Transitional General Licence
Concetto Zuppardi 0019932188-TGL Transitional General Licence
Consuelo Nuqui Bulan 0017389693-LL Limited Licence
Daniel Kee-Jun Jung 0001337542-LL Limited Licence
David Lytle 0019333449-LL Limited Licence
David Gordon Neill 0007371052-GL General Licence
Deborah Kathleen Holmes 0009090301-GL General Licence
Dejhana Waite 0007422342-LL Limited Licence
Denise Rose St-Jean 0015648409-TGL Transitional General Licence
Dina Ignacio 0009127660-LL Limited Licence
Dirusan R Rajahjeyam 0017425353-LL Limited Licence
Eliverta Bejko 0003275772-LL Limited Licence
Emily Margaret Cosby 0011902603-GL General Licence
Esther Rachel Marcus 0003934032-TGL Transitional General Licence
Excel Property Management Inc. 0023568125-CMP Condominium Management Provider Licence
Gary Robert Voigt 0004258493-TGL Transitional General Licence
Giuseppe Scivoletto 0017537424-LL Limited Licence
Glenna Elaine Lewis 0003974457-GL General Licence
Grace Suk Wong 0018962726-TGL Transitional General Licence
Greenlight Investments and Management Inc. 0020683963-CMP Condominium Management Provider Licence
Grisselda Elizabeth Maradiaga 0023360436-LL Limited Licence
Guy Elek Kristof 0017586297-LL Limited Licence
Iron Trillium Inc. 0000953820-CMP Condominium Management Provider Licence
Irvin Kalakula 0009409948-TGL Transitional General Licence
Jeffrey George O'Connor 0012323239-TGL Transitional General Licence
Jessica Robertson 0014500139-TGL Transitional General Licence
Joan Pries 0009384479-TGL Transitional General Licence
John Cvetkovic 0018574737-TGL Transitional General Licence
John Paul Bamford 0022521766-TGL Transitional General Licence
John Walter Vos 0001532498-LL Limited Licence
Jonathan  Lewis Ross  0021133609-LL Limited Licence
Judee Pearl Ercilla 0001379129-LL Limited Licence
Judy Yun Lam Chau 0005472549-GL General Licence
Khatera Hoshmand 0001380329-LL Limited Licence
Kristy-Lee LaMonday  0019453837-GL General Licence
Kyle Schnare 0007868242-LL Limited Licence
Laurie Anne Piskun 0005954653-TGL Transitional General Licence
Leonardo Vidal Perez 0005624724-LL Limited Licence
Liam Emerson Hanebury 0007911640-TGL Transitional General Licence
Linda Ann Pressman 0006066388-GL General Licence
Lisa Mary Ann Cristinzo 0007920432-LL Limited Licence
Mahima Jain 0006396967-LL Limited Licence
Maria Teresa Jaramillo Cardona 0006575965-GL General Licence
Michael Yat 0006683975-LL Limited Licence
Miguel Angel Parra 0017813723-LL Limited Licence
Mike Patrick Higgins 0024425077-TGL Transitional General Licence
Mohammad Baqir 0022258261-LL Limited Licence
Mosammat Jabunnesa 0016502072-TGL Transitional General Licence
Nancy Elaine Kane 0003111050-GL General Licence
Nancy Manuela Freitas 0017859072-TGL Transitional General Licence
Nearnorth Services Inc. 0013254323-CMP Condominium Management Provider Licence
Nicholas Robert Lee Youill 0011819947-TGL Transitional General Licence
Nicole Marie Dunn 0003463248-TGL Transitional General Licence
Norman Shifman 0009721576-LL Limited Licence
Paul Rachiele 0005102077-LL Limited Licence
Paul Glen Baxter 0002056565-GL General Licence
Paul Yuk Shum Lau 0008311225-GL General Licence
Pawan Kumar Gupta 0001054105-GL General Licence
Payman Janani 0002624401-LL Limited Licence
Piotr Slomski 0018772676-LL Limited Licence
Raymond Gerard Wilson 0006235331-GL General Licence
Rusal Mirwali Alsawaf 0016603898-LL Limited Licence
Sarah Gaudet 0002843567-LL Limited Licence
Sean Ritson Burrows 0001806994-LL Limited Licence
Sheri Adam 0002783598-TGL Transitional General Licence
Shuo Wang 0024513664-LL Limited Licence
Slobodan Karajovic 0011106165-GL General Licence
Sorena Nourishad 0015934096-GL General Licence
Soupeara Bou 0006785504-LL Limited Licence
Stacey Anousksa Mellis 0018005661-LL Limited Licence
Stefanie Ann Litschgy 0024243810-GL General Licence
Sue Torti 0005179722-LL Limited Licence
Syed Faisal Hussain 0004860223-GL General Licence
Terence William Landon 0008647174-TGL Transitional General Licence
Thais Elaine Johnson 0020051758-TGL Transitional General Licence
Tina Louise Stevenson 0008674500-LL Limited Licence
Tony DiCintio 0001730050-LL Limited Licence
Weigel Management  Inc. 0016562355-CMP Condominium Management Provider Licence
Yiu Ting Au 0005462484-GL General Licence
Ynaser Badad 0001926359-LL Limited Licence
Zahir Hussain 0018109244-LL Limited Licence
Zoran Bora Churchin 0024185530-TGL Transitional General Licence

List above does not include individuals and companies that reported to CMRAO that they would not be renewing their licence.