Notices of refusal

The following licence applications were refused because the applicants did not meet the prescribed requirements under Ontario Regulation 123/17.

Legal Name

Name requested to
be licensed under

Type of licence

Date refused

 DBA Property Management Ltd.  DBA Property Management Ltd.  Condominium Management Provider Licence  June 25, 2018
 John Ngai Chung Chan  John Ngai Chung Chan  General licence  June 25, 2018
 Mellissa Sincennes  Mellissa Sincennes  Limited Licence  June 25, 2018
 Sharina Khan  Sharina Khan  Limited Licence  June 25, 2018
 Angie Elizabeth Hutnick  Angie Elizabeth Hutnick  Transitional General licence  June 29, 2018
 Arjan Nikolla  Arjan Nikolla  Limited Licence  June 29, 2018
 Diana Dodokin  Diana Dodokin  General Licence  June 29, 2018
 Gerard Stanley Bouthillier  Gerard Stanley Bouthillier  Transitional General licence  June 29, 2018
 Hafsah-Arjun Babar  Hafsah-Arjun Babar  Limited Licence  June 29, 2018
 Jeremias Camilo Franco  Jeremias Camilo Franco  Limited Licence  June 29, 2018
 Kyra Lyn Leslie Aubrey  Kyra Lyn Leslie Aubrey  General licence  June 29, 2018
 Mark Anton Galonski  Mark Anton Galonski  Limited licence  June 29, 2018
 Mata Maria Alexiou  Mata Maria Alexiou  General licence  June 29, 2018
 Mitchell Kline  Mitchell Kline  Transitional General licence  June 29, 2018
 Mohanza Anthony Kelly  Mohanza Anthony Kelly  Limited licence  June 29, 2018
 Winfred Yat  Winfred Yat  Limited Licence   June 29, 2018
 Yi Mui Juliana Lee  Yi Mui Juliana Lee  Transitional General Licence  June  29, 2018
 Ashley C. D. Russouw  Ashley C. D. Russouw  Limited Licence  July  6, 2018
 Connie Irene Munro  Connie Irene Munro  Transitional General Licence  July  6, 2018
 Joseph Joshua Guy Kingsbury  Joshua Guy Kingsbury  Limited Licence  July  6, 2018
 Kendra Hulsebosch  Kendra Hulsebosch  Limited Licence  July  6, 2018
 Olayinka Eric Adeyemi  Olayinka Eric Adeyemi  Limited Licence  July  6, 2018
 Ria Ravao  Ria Ravao  Limited Licence  July  6, 2018
 Teresa Margaret McCormick  Teresa Margaret McCormick  Transitional General Licence  July  6, 2018
 Ralph Robert Peter Toering  Ralph Robert Peter Toering  Transitional General Licence  July 16, 2018
 Danica Janet Lorraine Grewal  Danica Janet Grewal  Transitional General Licence  July 19, 2018
 Maurizio Montana  Maurizio Montana  Transitional General Licence  July 23, 2018
 Michael John McNeil  Michael McNeil  Transitional General Licence  August 1, 2018
 Daniel Paquette  Daniel Paquette  Limited Licence  January 1, 2019
 1484042 Ontario Inc.  Aldes Property Management  Condominium Management Provider Licence  March 11, 2019
 Northwestern Property Management Limited  Northwestern Property Management Limited  Condominium Management Provider Licence  June 19, 2019
 Fortune 18 Management Company Ltd.  Fortune 18 Management Company Ltd.  Condominium Management Provider Licence  October 10, 2019
 Stephen William Munene  Stephen William Munene  Limited Licence  November 4, 2019
 Gest-Co  Gest-Co  Condominium Management Provider Licence  January 30, 2020