Will managers with an existing General Licence be required to take the six new courses?

No. Condominium managers who currently hold a valid General Licence do not have to complete any of the new courses. They will be subject to the new continuing education requirements, which will be set annually after November 2021.

Do you have to have completed one course under the current education program by October 31, 2021, or can you have started by October 31, 2021, to still be under the current program?

Individuals who have enrolled in at least one of the four ACMO courses prior to October 31, 2021, have until October 31, 2022, to complete all four courses. For those who do not complete all four courses by October 31, 2022, all previous education will be assessed under the CMRAO’s Request for Prior Learning (RPL) process.

I recently obtained a Limited Licence and started one of the four ACMO courses. With the new education program, should I still complete this course or switch over to the new curriculum?

You have until October 31, 2022, to complete the four ACMO courses. After November 1, 2022, the new education program comes into effect. If you have taken some ACMO courses but not completed all four by October 31, 2022, contact the CMRAO for guidance on which of the new courses to take.

If you have just started a course under the current education program, you are encouraged to complete the course.

If I currently have a Transitional General Licence and I cannot complete my courses by July 2021, what options do I have in terms of continuing with my education program and my licence?

A Transitional General Licensee cannot renew of their licence if more than three years have passed since the licence was first issued to them. A Transitional General Licensee may apply for a Limited Licence to continue providing condominium management services under the conditions of a Limited Licence while they complete the education program. You will continue to have the opportunity to complete all four current courses until October 31, 2022.

I currently hold a Limited Licence (obtained prior to November 1, 2021). Do I need to complete the Excellence in Condominium Management course?

No. The Excellence in Condominium Management course is a prerequisite for anyone who is applying for a Limited Licence. Only individuals who apply for a Limited Licence on or after November 1, 2021, are required to complete the course to be granted a Limited Licence.