The CMRAO issues different types of licences. Each licence has specific qualifications, application requirements, conditions and obligations. Individual condo managers and condo management companies need a licence.

Some people may be exempt from licensing if they are providing services within the authority of their profession (for example, lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants). Find out more information about those exempt from licensing


The CMRAO issues four types of licenses. For individuals, there are three types of licences you can apply for depending on your level of experience and education in condo management. The fourth type of licence is for condo management companies.

Licence renewal

All licences must be renewed annually. The period for application and payment of licence renewals for the 2018-19 licensing year has been extended to August 31.

Continuing Education Requirements

Some condo managers are required to successfully complete new continuing education requirements to renew their General Licence in 2019.

Role and obligations of condo managers

The role of a condo manager involves a range of important responsibilities, as well as obligations and requirements set out in the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015.