The CMRAO issues four different types of licence. The type of licence that an individual holds depends primarily on that person’s education and experience providing condominium management services. Licensing requirements are set out under the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA), and the General Regulation. All businesses that provide condominium management services in Ontario must hold a Condominium Management Provider Licence.

  1. General Licence (for individuals)
  2. Transitional General Licence (for individuals)
  3. Limited Licence (for individuals)
  4. Condominium Management Provider Licence (for companies)

Insurance requirements

Every licensed condominium management provider (business), regardless of size, must maintain errors and omissions, as well as fidelity insurance coverage.

Licensing exemptions

Some individuals may be exempt from licensing if they are providing services within the authority of their profession.


The CMRAO charges licensing fees in order to meet its consumer protection mandate, and to recover the regulatory costs associated with administering the CMSA. These costs include processing licence applications, enforcement and compliance activities (including inspections and investigations), handling complaints, discipline hearings and appeals, and public awareness activities.