Apply for a Transitional General Licence

To apply for a Condominium Management Transitional General Licence, you will need to provide the following information:

1. Names and date of birth

This includes your legal name, details about a name change (if applicable) and the name requested for the certificate of licence. You are permitted to be licensed under your complete legal name or one or more of your given names in correct order, followed by your surname. You may also substitute a given name for an initial, short form, or a name by which you are commonly known.

2. Addresses

This includes your mailing address, email address and, if applicable, information related to any dwelling that you use to carry-out condo management business. You will be asked for the contact information of the owner/person who controls access to this dwelling.

3. Condo Management Work Experience

For every condo management employment situation within the past five years, including self-employment, you will need to provide names, addresses, start/end dates, duration of employment, references and a description of your duties. If you currently work for two or more condo management firms, you must have written consent to do so from these employers. You require two or more years (2,920 hours) of experience providing condo management services within the previous five years for this licence.

4. Police Record Check

You must submit a police record check dated no earlier than six months before you submit your licence application.  You can request your criminal record check before you start your licence application.

5. Financial Responsibility and Good Character Information

You will be asked to provide information and documentation for any bankruptcies, unpaid judgments, employment terminations, suspended or revoked licences, or charges, findings of negligence and any current investigations.

6. Fees

To submit your application, you will need to pay the $150 application fee. You will not be able to submit your application without paying this fee online by credit card or Interac. 

The annual licensing fee for a Transitional General Licence is $567.

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